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(Mostly) food truck name ideas

Punny name ideas for food trucks (and other businesses) pop into my head at the strangest moments. One time, noticed and linked to me, which was pretty neat. I also got to talk about them in episode 17 of the Slack Variety Pack podcast, which was even neater.

  1. A Currant Affair
  2. A Minor Irrigation (landscaping company)
  3. Afghanistand (mall kiosk that sells blankets and throws)
  4. Alpacalypse Now (petting zoo)
  5. An Air Fare to Remember (travel fare alert service)
  6. A Flan For All Seasons
  7. A Porkalypse Bao
  8. All I Want For Christmas is Jus
  9. American Samosa
  10. Another One Bites the Crust
  11. Armed & Dungeness
  12. Au Gratin For All Seasons
  13. Bachman-Churner Overdrive (ice cream shop)
  14. Bacon Bad
  15. Ballroom Blintz
  16. Bark to the Future (dog kennel)
  17. Beam Me Up, Biscotti (bakery)
  18. Better Plate Than Never
  19. Big Girls Don’t Chai
  20. Bikram Yogurt
  21. The Birds and the Beef
  22. Blame It On The Grain
  23. Bone Thugs-n-Hominy
  24. Braise The Roof
  25. Bread Pirate Roberts
  26. Brie’s Company
  27. Buenos Nachos
  28. Buns N’ Roses (combination bakery/flower shop name)
  29. C’est La Brie
  30. Calamari Damacy
  31. Celeryman
  32. Chai Another Day
  33. Chai Me A River
  34. Chai Times
  35. Challah Challah
  36. Challah-back Girl
  37. Chard To Kill
  38. Cheese All That
  39. Church Of Seitan
  40. Churn After Reading (ice cream truck, ideally positioned in front of a library)
  41. Churn Back Time (old-fashioned ice cream truck)
  42. Clam-o-flage
  43. Cocoa Cabana (beach-side chocolatier)
  44. Cous Cous, Bang Bang
  45. The Cumin League
  46. Custard’s Last Stand
  47. Dan Dan Revolution
  48. Dare We Brisket?
  49. Dawn of the Bread
  50. Dice Dice Baby (table-top gaming supply store)
  51. Don’t Get Curried Away
  52. Draught Punk
  53. Dungeness Liasons
  54. Empanada Surf
  55. Entrée The Giant
  56. Epic Wrap Battles (fusion food)
  57. Fantastic Beets and Where to Find Them
  58. Farrow Faucet
  59. Faster Pussycat, Grill Grill
  60. Fed Zeppelin
  61. Fight For Your Right (To Pâté)!
  62. Filling Me Softly
  63. Fireside Chaat
  64. Flan in 60 Seconds
  65. Flan with the Wind
  66. Flantasic Four
  67. Flour Power
  68. Forgot About Dreidel (Hanukkah-themed rap album?)
  69. Freight Expectations (shipping company)
  70. Fries Wide Shut
  71. Fry Me A River
  72. From Dusk till Prawn
  73. Fuel Intentions (gas station)
  74. Get Quiche or Die Tryin’
  75. Ghee Whiz
  76. Girls Just Wanna Have Flan
  77. Glazed & Infused
  78. Gluten Tag
  79. Gone With The Vindaloo
  80. Grillin’ Me Softly
  81. Grills Just Wanna Have Fun (this one is from my mom)
  82. Grills On Film
  83. Guac’ ‘n’ Roll
  84. Guys & Dahls
  85. Hairless Whisper (80s-themed waxing salon)
  86. Happy Hollandaise
  87. Hass of Pain (Fancy french bread/avocado toast)
  88. Havarti in the USA
  89. Hooked On A Filling (pies & filled pastries)
  90. Hunan After All
  91. Hunan Resource Department
  92. I Believe In A Thing Called Shrub (non-alcoholic hipster beverages)
  93. I Quiched a Girl
  94. I Pita The Fool
  95. If Looks Could Grill
  96. Impasta Syndrome
  97. In Cod We Trust
  98. Indiana Jones and the Tempeh of Doom
  99. It’s Your Potty, You Can Cry If You Want To (children’s book)
  100. Jagged Little Grill
  101. Jamaican Me Crazy
  102. Kale Caesar
  103. Kiln Me Softly (paint-your-own-pottery studio)
  104. Klaatu Burrata Nikto (scifi-themed cheese shop)
  105. Klaatu Burrito Nikto (scifi-themed Mexican food truck)
  106. Knead To Know Basis (bakery)
  107. Lager Than Life
  108. Lamb-orghini (supercar-themed lamb-focused food truck)
  109. Let’s Get Ready to Crumble
  110. Let’s Ketchup Sometime
  111. License To Grill
  112. License To Kale
  113. License To Kielbasa
  114. Lil Bao Wow
  115. Marco Pollo
  116. Mark of the Bistro
  117. Mind Over Kalamata
  118. Monty Python’s Life Of Brine
  119. Morsel Kombat
  120. Mötley Brëw (coffee shop and/or brewery)
  121. Naan In 60 Seconds
  122. Netflix Enchilada
  123. No Country For Ramen
  124. No Harm, No Fowl (vegan food)
  125. No More Mister Rice Guy
  126. No Scone Unturned
  127. Nougat Served
  128. Nouveau Quiche
  129. Ode To Soy
  130. Okrahoma
  131. Om Nom Nomelette
  132. Only the Provolonely
  133. Pancakes One To Know One
  134. Papadom Preach
  135. Parfait Accompli
  136. Pasta Dutchie (cannabis-infused Italian food?)
  137. Pasta La Vista
  138. Pesto Résistance
  139. Pickle Me Elmo
  140. Pie-rates Of The Carribean
  141. Plaiditudes (clothing store that only sells flannel shirts)
  142. Planet Of The Crêpes
  143. Planet Of The Grapes (wine store)
  144. Poke Face
  145. Poultry In Motion
  146. Poutine On The Ritz
  147. Puddin’ On The Ritz
  148. ¿Qué Pasta? (fusion truck?)
  149. Ribdiculous
  150. Quiche from a Rose
  151. Rice Guys Finish Last
  152. Rice To The Occasion
  153. Rice, Rice, Baby
  154. The Rolling Scones
  155. Romancing The Scone
  156. Rum Lola Rum (Rum-only cocktail bar; patrons can only stay for 20 minutes at a time)
  157. Russian Rillette
  158. Saigon In 60 Seconds (travel agency? might be over-promising…)
  159. Sake 2 Me
  160. San Francisco Clay Area (pottery studio)
  161. Satay Anything
  162. SeaTaco (restaurant at the Seattle airport?)
  163. Seabrisket
  164. Serendipi-Tea
  165. Shellfish Brat (seafood and sausages)
  166. Shoes Your Own Adventure (footwear store)
  167. Shwarma Chameleon
  168. Shwarmageddon
  169. Slaw & Order
  170. Smells Like Grenadine Spirit (grunge-themed cocktail bar)
  171. Smells Like Poutine Spirit
  172. Soccer Punch (sportsbar)
  173. Somebody That I Yeast To Know (Bakery and/or brewery)
  174. Son of a Bistro
  175. Soup! (There It Is)
  176. Spice Invaders
  177. Spice: The Fennel Frontier
  178. Steaks One to Know One
  179. Steaks on a Plane (presumably in an airport)
  180. Stewpendous
  181. Subpoena Coladas (bar for lawyers)
  182. Sundae Bloody Sundae
  183. Sushi & The Banshees
  184. Taco The Town
  185. Tagine-ie in a Bottle
  186. Tamari, and Tamari, and Tamari (Shakespearean-themed Japanese food truck)
  187. Thai Hard
  188. That Fish Cray
  189. That’s All, Yolks!
  190. That’s What I’m Tolkien ‘Bout (fantasy book store)
  191. The Absinthe-Minded Professor
  192. The Crepes Of Wrath
  193. The Deli Llama
  194. The Fast And the Curry-est
  195. The Feast And The Furious
  196. The Fennel Countdown
  197. The Filling Is Mutual
  198. The Flan Before Time
  199. The Gourds Must Be Crazy
  200. The Hunt For Bread October
  201. The Importance of Being Urn-est (crematorium/funeral home)
  202. The Lamb Before Thyme
  203. The Lambshank Redemption
  204. The Non-Stop Naan Stop (needs to be open 24/7)
  205. The Peas Corps (slogan: “give peas a chance”)
  206. The Romaines Of The Day
  207. The Sandwiches Of Eastwick
  208. The Wagyu Look Tonight (steakhouse)
  209. There’s No Place Like Foam (cappucino stand)
  210. Thyme Travel (spice shop in an airport)
  211. To Sirloin, With Love
  212. To Sriracha, With Love
  213. Toast Ride the Whip
  214. Toast in the Shell
  215. Tofu Think You Can Dance
  216. Trifle 65
  217. Turmerics Of Injera-ment
  218. Utter Naan Sense
  219. Veal With It
  220. Vegan Be Heroes (Just For One Day)
  221. Weeding Rainbow (lawncare company; donates its proceeds to literacy programs)
  222. Whac-A-Mole (Oaxacan cuisine)
  223. What About Kebab?
  224. What Good Shallot Do Today?
  225. Whisky Business
  226. Wholly Romaine Empire (salad truck)
  227. Wok Like An Egyptian
  228. Wok This Way
  229. Wonton Destruction
  230. Wurst Case Scenario
  231. Wyld Scallions
  232. You Butter Believe It
  233. You Feta Believe It
  234. Za’atar Hero

I have a problem. Fortunately, I also have an understanding spouse—here are some delightful ideas from my wife, Nathalie:

  1. Churro Your Own Adventure
  2. Mission Im-pasta-bowl
  3. Naan Disclosure Agreement
  4. Raita Way
  5. Star-Spangled Bangers